Where can you cash a money order?

Answer Many money orders can be cashed at a location of the issuing company; however each institution has its own business practices and can deny cashing it in or charge a fee. Money orders can also be re... Read More »

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Can I cash a money order at my bank?

Every United States money order is accepted to be cashed at any bank or U.S. Post Office. Money orders are able to be redeemed at any point after their issue, as the amount of time that has passed ... Read More »

Do you need a fingerprint ID to cash a money order?

All U.S. money orders can be cashed at a U.S. bank or post office. Fingerprint ID is not needed, just identification with the customer's photograph, name, and address. The customer must sign the mo... Read More »

How do I cash a postal money order?

Post OfficeTake your postal money order to the local post office. Show identification that matches the name of the money order recipient to cash the money order.BankTake your postal money order to ... Read More »

How to Cash a Postal Money Order?

Many people use postal money orders to shop, pay bills and send money to family and friends. If you receive a postal money order, there are a couple ways you can cash it in a timely manner.