Where can you buy the Xstylus touch for iPad 2.?

Answer I suggest to buy an iPad 3 as its camera rocks,it's good resolution screen. So fast processor .ipad2 is not at all good.

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Where can you buy the Xstylus touch for iPad 2 Online OR offline Link please. It's not on ebay or Amazon?

You can go on the website "" and search "XStylus for I pad/Ipad2" and find it

IPod Touch 5, iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4?

Yes all of them are coming except for the iPad. They are coming even before November. Also the only colors are Black and White. You can buy cases if you want in different colors. Any other question... Read More »

Get iPod Touch now or wait to get an iPad?

I think you should wait for iPad. When u watch movies or play games on iPad you get a total different experience than iPod. Watching movies on iPod is not good for your eyes too. and about the cost... Read More »

Is an ipod touch 4 a small ipad 2?