Where can you buy refrigerator weatherstripping?

Answer Mcmaster-Carr-- problem.

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How to Replace Weatherstripping on a BMW?

The weather stripping that surrounds the windows on your BMW does an important job of keeping moisture and liquid out of the car. It stops rain from pouring through the cracks between your windows ... Read More »

Replacing Auto Weatherstripping?

The headlights on your Infinity QX4 are vital for the safety of you and your family. Driving with a burned out headlight, especially at night or in bad weather, can lead to an accident or a citatio... Read More »

How to Install Weatherstripping on a Jeep?

Replacing the weatherstripping on a Jeep improves the seal between the door frame and the closed door. Old weatherstripping eventually cracks and loses its shape, and thus the ability to properly s... Read More »

How to Replace Windshield Weatherstripping?

Windshields on all production vehicles are made from tempered glass. Also referred to as "automotive glass," these special glass units are designed to break up into small pieces that reduce the pro... Read More »