Where can you buy potted bougainvillas?

Answer Answer Try your local nursery. If they don't have them ask . Perhaps ther is a reason why they don't carry them.

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How do you grow bougainvillas?

The major factor in successfully growing bougainvilleas is to provide them with a warm, sunny position. Try as much as possible to replicate the tropical conditions in which they originate. Provid... Read More »

Where can I buy an already potted terrarium?

Local floral shops and garden nurseries often have planted terrariums available for sale. The glass cases and containers which are frequently used as terrariums can be ordered online, as can the pl... Read More »

Where is the best spot to keep potted succulents?

A south window is good for them and they can get more sun.Or too much water can make the leaves turn. The soil needs to dry in between watering and the pot needs to drain good and they should not ... Read More »

How to kill potted ivy?

Water with salt water. I feel bad as a gardener telling you this but I am amused!!!!! Don't do too much too quick or she'll catch on and kill you, no sh*t. I would. How the hell do you get at... Read More »