Where can you buy lynx garage door openers?

Answer at the lynx garage door store

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Who sells lynx garage door openers?

What consumer goods cause radio interference of garage door openers openers in the neighborhood do not work unless they are about a foot away from the opener itself not near a military base?

openers that work at 390MHz can be effected from a new radio system the military is putting into service at distances of 50miles or more. The frequency has been allotted to the military since the 5... Read More »

Do garage door openers have different codes?

Garage door openers are made so that the consumer can program whatever code she wishes into the device. It is also possible to change the code whenever the owner of the opener desires.Source:Genie:... Read More »

How long have automatic garage door openers been around?

Jasper Stover applied for a patent for the automatic garage door in 1944. He received the patent three years later in 1947. By the early 1950s, automatic garage door openers were widely marketed.So... Read More »