Where can you buy lemongrass?

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How to Use Lemongrass in Cooking?

Commonly found in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, lemongrass is used to add a aromatic lemon flavor to dishes. Besides its uses in the kitchen, the aromatic properties of lemongrass are found in aroma... Read More »

Uses of Lemongrass for the Face?

Lemongrass is a popular fragrant grass that provides numerous beneficial cosmetic uses for many individuals. Lemongrass is popular because it provides several natural benefits to the skin, keeping ... Read More »

Can you freeze lemongrass?

Yes, you can......wrap it in managable sized pieces, double wrap in Saran Wrap (or the like) and then double wrap in aluminum foil....Freeze up to 6 months, DEFROST IT IN THE REFRIGERATOR.......Pro... Read More »

How to Cook Lemongrass Dog?

Lemongrass dog is a very popular Vietnamese dish! Tender dog meat coupled with savory, citrus lemongrass sauce is sure to satisfy any cravings for Vietnamese cuisine. It should be noted, however, t... Read More »