Where Can I Get Colored Contacts?

Answer Colored contacts have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Many optometrists, however do not carry them. Where then can one go if they are interested in exploring popular eye fashio... Read More »

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Where to buy Colored contacts?

There is no such thing as a reliable site to buy coloured contacts from. They are unregulated and potentially dangerous to your eyesight. If you intend doing this realize that whereever you buy the... Read More »

From where to get best colored contacts in Western Australia?

Well WA is pretty big, So I have no idea where you are ?If you are living in a remote location get them online. Clearly contacts is a good website.If you are living in a city or close to any opto... Read More »

Colored contacts!?

Spencer's great website for cheap colored lenses.

Colored contacts!!!!?

An eye wear store. Be careful though because they can harm your eyes. If you wear them for so long - they'll dissolve into your eyes. It happened to a friend of mine, not good.