Where can you buy clay soil?

Answer I cant point out to any direction but i can sell you raw unprocessed clay soil. My village is built on clay that sticks very bad when it rains. you can get me on for more insight.

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Where can I find clay in soil?

Clay in soil is common in urban areas where fill dirt has been used for grading and construction purposes. Clay soil does not drain well and has a greasy, sticky texture when wet. When dry, it is ... Read More »

What is clay soil?

Soil is a mixture of sand, silt, clay and organic matter particles. Soil is categorized as clay soil when more than 50 percent of its particles are clay. Clay soil tends to crack when it dries out.... Read More »

How to Add Lime to Clay Soil?

Clay soil, by nature, is highly acidic. Limestone can be added to acidic soil to bring up the pH. Limestone also adds nutrients--such as calcium and magnesium--to the soil. These nutrients are esse... Read More »

Is clay soil acidic?

Clay soil, according to the University of Minnesota Extension Service, is not acidic and instead typically runs alkaline with pH levels ranging from 7.0 to 8.5. The pH level of soil is affected by ... Read More »