Where can you buy burdock seed for cultivation?

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What are the various stages involved in a paddy seed cultivation?

nonexpert read nectar in a seiverice for example is sprouted on the field. then the field is flooded when the plants begin to mature. that's when fish can be used to fertilize the paddy. when plant... Read More »

There is a plant that grows wild in western North Carolina. The common term for it is brewer's sage and it is an alternative to hops in beer making. Where could you find it for cultivation?

Information on the use of Cinnamon fern can be found at the below link.

How do i get rid of the weed burdock?

Remove PlantsCut the root below the surface of the soil and pull the burdock plant up, including as much root as possible. Use a garden spade for small plants and a shovel for larger plants.Mow Pla... Read More »

How to Use Burdock Root as Hair Dye?

Burdock has long been used in its oil form for remedying hair and scalp disorders, however its fresh roots can be used to make a natural hair dye as well. Burdock roots don't make a very strong hai... Read More »