Where can you buy bael plant?

Answer YES, although you may need to wash it first. great in well it works and is most used as a garnish on a lot of dishes

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How can we plant tobacco plant and where can we?

Here are a few sources for seeds and growing information:… Read More »

Can I plant a new tree where the old one was?

On One Hand: The Soil is LoosenedYou can plant a tree where an old tree was. The process of removing the old tree loosens the soil, which is an ideal environment for transplanting a new tree. If th... Read More »

Where to buy herb plant?

A good online source for buying herb plants is Garden Harvest Supply. They offer many different herbs that are shipped in 3 inch pots.

Where do I plant basil?

On One Hand: Sunny Garden EdgesBasil is a plant that loves the sun, so ensure that the garden area you plant it in is completely sunny. Basil is a versatile plant that works in vegetable gardens, h... Read More »