Where can you buy an extremely cheap iPad 2?

Answer In the calendar app, click on the plus at the bottom right of the screen.

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Where are the glasses of optometrists and eye doctors from Can they got extremely cheap prices?

I've seen the website you mentioned. It surely be a eyewear manufacturer, whose customers are mostly the optometrists or eye doctors. Eye doctors should get much more cheaper than what we see on th... Read More »

Is there any free or extremely cheap scanner programs{Below $10 US} comparable to VUESCAN?

Vuescan is about it. The problem arises from the lack of drivers for the scanner for your OS. There's a few other software solutions, Gimp being one, but they probably all lack the drivers.You may ... Read More »

Is there a cheap way to get iPad 2?

the real price for the I pad is $500. but the screen is about 100-$200

Where can you buy a cheap iPad 2?