Where can you buy a refrigerator in Poland?

Answer At an appliance store. You might try checking adverts to see if anyone is selling one.

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Where is Katyn, Poland?

Katyn is a forest in western Russia in the province of Smolensk, where 22,000 Polish troops were slaughtered by the Soviet secret police, or KGB, during World War II. There is no city of Katyn in P... Read More »

Where does Poland Spring water come from?

Poland Spring's water comes from deep underground reserves in Maine that are thought to date back thousands of years. The company claims that its waters' light blend of minerals give them a one-of-... Read More »

What is the name of the holocaust ghetto where Elie Wiesel stayed in Poland?

Elie Wiesel did not stay in a Polish ghetto. He stayed in the Sighet ghetto in his hometown of Sighet in what is now Romania. Wiesel was actually born in Sighet. He was later was moved to Auschwitz... Read More »

Where can you buy refrigerator weatherstripping?