Where can you buy Sea-Lion sausages in the UK?

Answer Is this a joke question?

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Where is the Nittany Lion statue?

The Nittany Lion statue was carved in 1941 by Heinz Warnecke for the Penn State Lion Shrine. It is located between the Recreation Building and Beaver Field at the University Park campus of Penn Sta... Read More »

Where does Mufasa live in the movie"The Lion King"?

In Disney's animated movie "The Lion King," King Mufasa lives in the Pride Lands, an unspecified portion of the African savanna. He rules all of the animals which dwell there, though his son, Simba... Read More »

Where can I watch bbc's lion film called 'pride'?

Where is the quote And so the lion fell in love with the lamb In Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.?

Chapter 13- Confessions, page 274.In the Special Edition book I have it is on page 240 in Chapter 13.