Where can you buy Poken in Australia?

Answer Hi You can get Poken in Australia here at this website looks like its going to be a big hit!

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What is Australia like?

You'll like it. I'm currently living in Sydney but originally from America too. The weather here in Oz is awesome most of the time it's sunny. I'm in love with the beaches. It's a very beautiful pl... Read More »

Do you get jet lag going to Australia?

If flying from anywhere in the United States, you are likely to have jet lag when you reach Australia because you will cross many time zones in the process. For example, the city of Sydney is 16 ho... Read More »

Can i have any job in australia?

Are you experienced? Have your qualifications been approved by the STate education body? Do you have a visa? Are you prepared to work in remote regions or rurally? We need to know the answers to th... Read More »

Need job in Australia?

it depends on your qualifications , what you are good at ... etcgood luck :)