Where can we find the Brandenburg Gate?

Answer The Brandenburg Gate is located in Berlin, Germany. Karl Gotthard Langhans designed the gate, a symbol of peace, at the behest of Friedrich Wilhelm II. The Brandenburg Gate remains little changed f... Read More »

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In what city would you find the Brandenburg Gate?

The Brandenburg Gate, built in 1791 in Berlin, Germany, ironically became a symbol of communist isolationism, as it became the focal point of division with its incorporation into the Berlin Wall in... Read More »

How tall is the Brandenburg Gate?

Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate, known in Germany as the Brandenburger Tor, is 26 meters tall, which is a little over 85 feet. At the top of the gate is the Quadriga, a bronze statue that measur... Read More »

When was the Brandenburg Gate built?

According to Berlin's Senate Department for Urban Development, the Brandenburg Gate was built as one of a series of gates used as customs borders around Berlin, Germany, at the end of the 18th cent... Read More »

How far is the brandenburg gate from the pergamum museum?

The Brandenburg Gate is approximately 1.3 kilometers from the Pergamon Museum. Both attractions are located in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The Brandenburg Gate was built by Friedrich Wilhelm I... Read More »