Where can my 85 pound child sit in the car?

Answer 4 feet 9 inches Most states say 12 years old.

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How many helium balloons does it take to float a 30-pound child?

In the "Mythbusters" episode "Pingpong Rescue," the Mythbusters found that it took 3,000 balloons to lift 37 lbs., and 3,500 balloons to lift a 44-lb., 4-year-old child. The number of balloons it t... Read More »

Is a 20 pound pair of weights to much for a 105 pound girl?

If you can lift it then it's fine. The only thing I'd worry about would be getting too bulky. If that's what you're going for then I guess it's fine, but if you only want to tone and build strength... Read More »

Is the british pound the same thing as pound sterling?

The pound sterling is the currency of the United Kingdom, and is otherwise known as the British pound. The pound is also used in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, the Falkland Island... Read More »

Would you gain a pound by eating 3500 calories or by eating a pound of food?

Candy is mostly sugar, which is very easy for the body to turn into body fat meaning you'll gain a lot of weight.Broccoli doesn't contain much sugar or fat so it will be a lot harder for your body ... Read More »