Where can i watch videos on the internet?

Answer With the advent of high-speed connections and faster processors, watching video on the Internet has become a popular part of culture. There is a nearly endless supply of video sites, but a few popu... Read More »

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When ever i watch videos on chrome they lag like **** but works fine when I watch them on Internet explorer?

Check your video card drivers also enable hardware acceleration but UpDate your video card drivers.

Can I watch videos with dial-up Internet?

You can watch streaming media on the Internet via dial-up, according to YouTube, but you must wait much longer than someone on a broadband connection. If on dial-up, start a video, pause it and wai... Read More »

Can you watch videos through your Internet browser on your PSP?

You cannot watch videos in your PlayStation Portable's Internet browser since the browser doesn't support flash or Java. You can, however, download videos through the PlayStation Store or watch str... Read More »

Can i watch videos using dial up internet?

You can watch videos on a computer using dial-up Internet, but it will take longer for the video to buffer. Buffering allows a video to load enough before playback begins so that it is not interrup... Read More »