Where can i train to do bartending?

Answer Bartending school.

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How do I Train for a Texas Alcohol Bartending License?

How is it possible in the state of Texas to earn anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour without even a high school degree? By tending bar, that's how. Being a bartender allows you great flexibility in y... Read More »

Can I get in trouble for bartending in Wisconsin without a bartending license?

Any person bartending without a bartenders license and not supervised by another licensed bartender in Wisconsin will be fined as well as the owner of the establishment for having an unlicensed bar... Read More »

Can someone tell me the best way to get a bartending job?

How to Get a Bartending Job?

Bartending positions are highly desirable and equally hard to get. The job itself is fairly simple, but getting one's foot in the door is not. If you don't have any experience your chances of getti... Read More »