Where can i sell my unwanted stuff online?

Answer It depends... If you want money now then you can sell your stuff now to sites like MusicMagPie and AbeBooks. The disadvantage is that you won't get that much.If you think that items might not sell ... Read More »

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Why cant everyone stop eating meat, which is full of unwanted toxic stuff?

Why do you care about what OTHER people do? If they want to eay meat, so what? And you're probably a smoker LOL

The Best Way to Sell an Unwanted Timeshare?

If you have a timeshare that you no longer want, you have options to rid yourself of it. It is important to note however that because you do not own the property and have only legal right of access... Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Sell Unwanted Jewelry?

If you want to sell unwanted jewelry, whether it's vintage or relatively new, you can pursue a number of different avenues: local jewelry stores, pawn shops, gold parties and e-Bay. However, your b... Read More »

How much will my unwanted upgrade GALAXY S4 sell for?

You will get £525-£550 for it no worries, if it is in box and 'as new' condition - just needs to go on ebay as 'buy it now' ;)