Where can i scan my book to pdf (300+ pages!!)?

Answer Find a local university print shop / copy shop / digital printer. They will know what you need. You could also ask them to OCR (optical character recognition) the scanned images and convert them to... Read More »

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How do I scan pages of a book into a PDF with SELECTABLE text?

You will need a separate program like FreeOCR to read the scans and automatically convert them to Ms-Word so yo can edit, change, add and re-save.Basically, any good scanner like HP G4010 . You can... Read More »

How can i copy these scan pages ?

Hi RashidGo to FreeOCR and download this software. This software is amazing because it recognizes jpeg scanned documents and will display text to Ms Word. You might need to add a few woords but it ... Read More »

Are there scanners that can scan 5000 pages per hour?

Why not ask one of those businesses that you're writing your paper on? Or look up the info on their websites?

I need to scan and email documents, sometimes up to 150 pages. What scanner is the best for this since I will?

Scanning at 200dpi is definitely a good idea as already listed. You should look for a scanner that can scan both sides of the page at one time & has a fast throughput. I know Fujitsu has dual side ... Read More »