Where can i rent a cement truck with already mixed cement in las vegas NV?

Answer YOu cannot rent the truck you need to contact one of the local cotnractors and they will do this for you. It will be much cheaper to call for a delivery of concrete, than to rent a truck. Believe m... Read More »

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Can portland cement be mixed with latex paint?

i suppose, but it would make some pretty nasty paint. If your trying to make a color coat for stucco or something, a dry colorant available at a masonry supply store would be a much better option. ... Read More »

My house is cement deteration in cement foundation can this be fixed?

When a cinder block foundation is built below grade or built incorrectly, they can quickly deteriorate, usually causing water and moisture leaks that indicate to the owner there is a problem. Putti... Read More »

How much does a cement truck carry?

According to the "On The House" home improvement Web site, the typical cement truck has an average maximum capacity of 10 yards of mixed cement.Source:On the House: Buying Concrete

How much does a cement truck weigh?

Unloaded, a cement truck weighs roughly 26,000 pounds. Each cubic yard of concrete carried by the truck weighs approximately 4,000 pounds. Therefore, if a truck is carrying 10 cubic yards of conc... Read More »