Where can i purchase an elephant cookie cutter?

Answer An elephant-shaped cookie cutter can be purchased from stores that sell baking and cooking utensils. Other places that might carry an elephant-shaped cookie cutter would include stores that cater t... Read More »

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What does'cookie cutter'mean?

"Cookie cutter" has two meanings. First, it is a metal frame in any number of designs used to cut raw cookie dough. Second, it is used to describe items that are exactly the same, such as "cookie-c... Read More »

What do cookie cutter sharks eat?

Cookie-cutter sharks are small dogfish sharks which are found near tropical islands and in the open ocean. These sharks typically feed on small fish, squid, crustaceans and, occasionally, larger sh... Read More »

What is cookie cutter music?

Put simply, cookie cutter music is music of little substance structured and melodically similar to previously recorded music. It is a derogatory term used to describe mainstream music deemed as lit... Read More »

What is a fluted cookie cutter?

The term "fluted" is used to describe cookie cutters that have grooves, ruffles or "flutes" on the cutting edge. These fluted cutters produce a unique, decorative decor to cookies and pastries.Sour... Read More »