Where can i pick up good quality brand new laptops at decent pricesIm considering Dell.Any views on Dell?

Answer notebookreview.comi just recently got a dell inspiron e1505 or also known as 6400its working pretty darn goodi got it for 885 not listing the specs cuz it will take too longi ordered it online, and... Read More »

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Who else thinks Dell laptops are ginormously bulky, overheats a lot, and is of terrible quality?

Yeah, I ordered one on the Internet, and had to send it back. Not only did it overheat, it made too much noise.I ordered an HP, I am very pleased with it. It is quiet. If you go to Walmart and buy ... Read More »

Are HP laptops good quality?

On One Hand: Strong ReputationHewlett Packard is a company that has existed since the 1930s. Companies that produce sub-par products do not last this long. In 2009, HP ranked as the ninth on the Fo... Read More »

Do you know where to get cheat and good quality laptops in SG? really, are Dell laptops good or not?

Dell Laptop Explodes in Flames~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~……At a conference in Japan, a Dell laptop suddenly exploded into flames, and lucky fo... Read More »