Looking for a stripper to hire for husbands 40th surprise party. Suggestions as to where to hire in AZ?

Answer Lucky guy. your best bet is to go to a strip joint and pick one out for yourself.

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Where do you go to school to become an assassin but not join the army?

There are no "assassins" in the US Army, therefore there is no school for it. Assassination is a violation of international law and the Geneva Convention.

Where can I hire bouncers?

*cries*Unsavory? I am freakin savory! And Im sorta buff.... Hire me, and I'll let you pay me in cats.

Where do I need to go to hire a guy in a ape suit?

there are alot of apes here where I work

Where do they hire 15 year olds?

Publix... but with times so hard its hard for anyone to get a job.