Where can i go to print out our w-2 so we dont have to wait?

Answer If your pay check stubs have a ADP watermark, you should be able to download your w-2. Wal-Mart human resource dept. can give you a code to download. Many companies offer this now, check with your ... Read More »

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When i call him i get this weird..(answer quickly please, i dont wanna wait all day)?

First check and make sure you have the number right.Wait a day or so and try again. If you still get the 'no incoming' message then you'll just have to sit tight and wait for him to call you.

My son is 11 years old he have yellow eye the dr said jaundice he did blood work but have to wait so i dont know anything for three days i think thats to long to found should i be worried maybe er now?

Jaundice isn't that dangerous, and you can easily wait for the test results to come through(unless he turns bad in any other way). The only thing the ER would do right now is to take the same test,... Read More »

I have a printer that wont print because I dont have colored ink?

HP requires all cartridges to have ink in them.

In Indian railway : what is the meaning of pooled quota wait list print on ticket?

PQWL is one of the many Waiting List types that appear on reservation tickets. Practically speaking this is a Waiting List. Technically, there’s a difference between PQWL, CKWL, GNWL etc. The tot... Read More »