Where can i get some herb in CT?

Answer Go to the local Police Station and ask to speak to someone in the Narcotics Division. They would know most if not all the dealers in your area.

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Would like some to start an herb garden?

Plan your garden before planting it. Consider the herbs you want to plant and what you'll use them for. Herbs grow in various ways; some herbs, such as thyme, are low growing and spreading while ot... Read More »

Does the herb rosemary grow better then the herb thyme?

well that depends, if you have a shady spot were you want to grow herbs rosemary would be easier, thyme likes sun lite.

Where can you buy a bay herb plant?

Any good nursery, particularly those specializing in herbs, should carry them or have information on where you can get one. There are several places on line that I know of, see the related link be... Read More »

Where to buy herb plant?

A good online source for buying herb plants is Garden Harvest Supply. They offer many different herbs that are shipped in 3 inch pots.