Where can i get pink high top converse cheap?


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How to Turn High Converse to Low?

While there is no magic formula for turning old shoes into new shoes, you can transform your Converse high-top shoes by turning them into low-tops. This allows you to recycle, rather than trash, an... Read More »

High tops or converse shoes?

converse as they are really popular at the moment and also they look good with nearly everything..! Try the JD oonline store you might be able to find some you like.........=]

Do red Converse high-tops look good on guys?

On One Hand: Red Converse High-Tops Look Good on GuysRed Converse high-tops are sold in two styles. There is the classic Converse high-top in red and there is a special edition version of the high-... Read More »

Does anyone know where to get a good, cheap($) pink digital camera?

the bottom line is, if you want a digital camera it's not going to be cheap. i wouldn't risk getting a digital camera online, especially ebay because no matter what the reviews are for the seller, ... Read More »