Where can i get good coffee flavoured chocolate in Cambridge?

Answer tesco, asda. sansburys, morrisons. aldi, lidel, sommerfield, netto ect.

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Coffee Lovers: Do you drink flavoured coffee, if so what it your favourite?

Caramel Iced coffee or latte.Who's trigger happy here with all the TD?We're only naming flavors.Is there a new sheriff in town?Is it the pussycat?

How to Make Flavoured Coffee?

How to make coffee with flavoured syrups, using a domestic machine and freshly ground coffee. Create a coffee delicacy in the comfort of your own home by following these easy steps.

Are there any good ways to remove the coffee smell from a plastic coffee container?

Don't use bleach. Even though it may get rid of the coffee smell, you will have a nasty bleach smell in the plastic! (Been there, done that!) Vinegar will work as it cuts the natural oils in the ... Read More »

Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate?