Where can i download free music and music video,movies for free ..for my ipod?

Answer think twice if you want to download music for iPod from those free site, i.e. limewire for 2 simple reasons, 1. it is illegal2. those sites are usually contains virus and it will just crash your sy... Read More »

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How do I set music for ringtones?

Understanding RingtonesRingtones are cell phone sounds used to notify of incoming calls. Setting music ringtones is technically referred to as assigning ringers to mobile contacts. In most cases, r... Read More »

How Can I Make Ringtones Out of a Music CD?

Having signature ring tones adds a personal touch and individual style to your cell phone. Although you can purchase and download ring tones, many cell phones allow you to set your own ring tones f... Read More »

Can V-Cast music be used as ringtones?

V-CAST songs can't be used as ringtones. V-CAST Music with Rhapsody is the name for the Verizon Wireless mobile music service available through Get It Now. As of March 2010, after you subscribe, ea... Read More »

Can I use my music as ringtones on my LG Dare?

The LG Dare cell phone by Verizon supports the MP3 format of music which can be set as a ringtone. The phone comes standard with the ability to play polyphonic ringtones which simulates the sound o... Read More »