Where can i get finacial donations?

Answer also if your father was a vet or served in the military, contact local VFW's or state Vet orgs and ask them for some help.some churches may help also. contact all local churches (in your entire cou... Read More »

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Where to get donations for our food bank?

Grocery stores, convenience stores, and even restaurants may be able to donate items.Non-profit groups, such as Boy Scouts, often are willing to do food drives, soliciting donations door to door.Fa... Read More »

Do you have to pay back finacial aid if you drop a class?

If you recieved a grant.. then it really depends on how many classes you are taking. Your school will have a criteria.. that if your taking x amount of hours.. then you have to be passing at least... Read More »

Any other finacial aid options for married persons?

You are going to qualify for a federal loan through the FAFSA regardless of your income. A Stafford loan is your absolutely best first choice of loans. It may not cover 100% of your tuition, fees... Read More »

My college grade needs to be change but will finacial aid pay?

Contact your aid source ASAP and explain the situation. They sould allow you time to have the matter corrected.