Where can i get close up pictures of snow and ice?

Answer Heres one...…Everything from 'ski1.jpg' down on this page...…Heres one... Read More »

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How do you take close up pictures with AE-1?

Any good 35MM SLR like the Canon AE-1 can be used for great closeup photography. With the normal 50mm lens they can focus to around 18 inches. For closer work you need either closeup filters (they ... Read More »

Why would a nearly 10mp digital camera take blurry close-up pictures?

Answer All lenses require a certain minimum distance from the subject. This has nothing to do with the megapixel rating of the camera.One could interpret "blurry" a few different ways:1) out-of foc... Read More »

Im looking to buy a digital camera that can take images up close and pictures of the night sky or moon Helplz?

Hi. We have a Sony Cybershot and do use it for night shots (for fun) and close-ups (for our online business). It takes great pictures in low lights at night as it has one of those infra-red sen... Read More »

How can i take good close-up pictures of jewellery with 5 mega pix digital camera, to sell on ebay.?

They should be OK in MACRO mode, that's what it's for. But try using zoom so you can get farther away from the subject. Then crop the shot in the computer.