Where can i get cheapest laptops?

Answer try this link:…

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Why are laptops called laptops if you're not actually suppose to sit them on your lap?

Well, when they were initially released they were supposed to, but then a few laptops exploded and.. putting it nicely.. people were hurt where it hurts the most.. and sued the laptop companies.. t... Read More »

What laptops are more reliable, Dell laptops or IBM Thinkpads?

You can't get an unbiased answer to that question, but I *love* my IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad, and have had no problems with it.

Where are Toshiba laptops made?

Toshiba laptops are made in Japan by one of the largest manufacturing companies headquartered in Tokyo. In 1939 the merger of Shibaura Seisakusho and Tokyo Denki created a new company named Tokyo S... Read More »

Where are dell laptops made?

Dell laptops are produced at Dell manufacturing centers worldwide. Dell has manufacturing and distribution centers in China, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Ireland and Poland. Dell's United States manufa... Read More »