How much does an eye exam cost at Wal-Mart Where is the cheapest place to go?

Answer maybe it's covered by your insurance we could help you get the contacts we even have free samplee

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How much is a Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS Lite retails for around $130 at most stores, as of 2009. The Nintendo DSi model retails for around $170. Online stores, discount stores and auction sites may offer them for slightly... Read More »

How much is Nintendo Wii fit?

Originally, the cost of the Wii Fit game and board was $89. However, the only model available in stores today is the Wii Fit Plus, which costs $99.99 for the game and board, or $19.99 for just the ... Read More »

How much is a Nintendo Wii in Canada?

A Nintendo Wii console costs about $210 Canadian at Best Buy and includes a Wii remote, Wii Nunchuk and Wii Sports. At Sears, a Nintendo Wii bundle is available for about $360 and includes Wii Spor... Read More »

How much are Nintendo Wii games?

Nintendo Wii games vary widely in price range, usually from $15 to $50. New and popular titles will generally cost $40 and up, while older and budget games will cost about $20. Prices also vary dep... Read More »