Where can i get a camera for 80$ or less?

Answer a Kodak with 7 megapixels and 3x zoom goes for $80. good camera for a casual user and easy to use software as well. get one at Walgreen's.

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I need a good compact camera for less than 50$ which camera and where?

There are NO compact camera in that price range that are any good. You need to be willing to pay at least $120 for a good one

Where can I buy a camera that is less than $200, 5.0 Megapixels or more, can fit in a purse, &takes good pics?

Walmart.Here's the link for all digi's under $200.00…The nice thing about Walmart, is they are cheap, they are everywhere, and they have an Awesome/No-Hass... Read More »

Shopko's Digital Camera policy, i've had it less than a month and the inside of the camera broke.. money back?

If the shop has a 30 day money back guarantee, then all you need is everything that came in the box, the box and a receipt. Some shops have a "restocking" fee, but since your camera is being return... Read More »

Can I get a 18-20(or more)MP camera for around $200(or less)?

The notion that more megapixels are better is a myth. More megapixels does not mean a better camera, and in fact may only result in lower low-light performance. And it takes twice the megapixel co... Read More »