Where can i find the option to update my network so my phone will run normally?

Answer That sounds like a load of bull I've never heard of a blackberry button just bring it to your service provider that's where i get my droid updated if need be.

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How can I update my iPhone 3GS from 4.2.1- iOS 5.1.1 There is no option in the setting for software update ?

You must do this update through iTunes on your computer. It also may not appear because 5.1 is not compatible with that version. I think it is, so I would try plugging it into your computer and doi... Read More »

If I take out my as card will my phone still operate normally?

At the tip a dormant winter twig a deciduous tree one will normally find a terminal bud?

Where in your attic would you normally find asbestos?

Some older soffit boards are constructed from asbestos sheet.