Where can i find salt and pepper shackers shaped like peppers?

Answer It is one of those things you just need to go from store to store or look on line.I think if I was in a shop with numerous styles I would ask to see if they can get or know where I could get a pair... Read More »

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Are the peppers on a Medusa Pepper edible?

Yes, provided that you are sure that is what they are, as there are some ornamental peppers that are not edible.

How many peppers grow on a pepper plant?

one or two at a time , maybe a dozen or so as it grows... Does that anwser it??

When are pepper plants ready for peppers?

While peppers can be picked and consumed at any stage of maturity, they do not gain their full flavor until they reach maturity. Peppers start out as flowers. The flower drops off as the pod develo... Read More »

Can I grow peppers with the seeds from a supermarket pepper?

Seeds are harvested from peppers when ripe, whether from the supermarket or from an existing vegetable garden. Most peppers are considered ripe when they turn red. Pepper seeds can be harvested via... Read More »