Where can i find pocky in NYC?

Answer ohmygod i love pocky. if you see an asian food store they def have it there. check the nearest supermarket for like an international foods section. thats where it usually is

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How to Eat Pocky?

Pocky is a Japanese snack which has become popular with anime and manga fans across the US and the world. This article will show you the correct way to enjoy pocky as depicted in the Japanese comme... Read More »

How many kinds of pocky exist?

There are ALOT!!! Was shocked how many the first time I went to JapanChocolate flavors * Anime Pocky * Giant Double Choco * Gokuboso Pocky (Superfine Pocky) * Little Pocky * Marble Poc... Read More »

How to Play the Pocky Game?

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Does Pocky have animal ingredients?

Tell her to mind her own business and you'll eat whatever you feel like. People forcing others to follow their own ideas of what to eat and what not to eat is beyond rude.