Where can i find my Fafsa score at?

Answer you mean your SAT score to get the FAFSA financial aide? lmao well, as with everything else, you can look it up online XP you really should keep things like this in paper file storage sys... Read More »

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What is the median range for a FAFSA score?

The rating system for your FAFSA score will vary for each school, because it is based on your ability to contribute to the cost of that school's tuition. This means that a median score would provid... Read More »

My fafsa score was 2025. what does that mean my tuition is $28,000. how much of that will i need to pay?

Your Pell grant (free money) will be around 2,681.00 next year. (Half in the fall 08 and half in the spring 09) if you attend full time and meet about a million other requirements (no bachelors de... Read More »

I scored a 997 on the Fafsa for the EFC score is that too high good bad I dont know.?

This is a good EFC. The efc is just a code the schools use to determine what kinds and how much money you will get. It is not what you will have to pay the school. With an EFC of 997 you will li... Read More »

FAFSA score for single parents living with relatives?

yes it does change her situation. If she answers "Yes" to any of these questions she no longer is required to report her parents income.