Where can i find grants or fellowships for writers?

Answer search websites.

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How do I find out more about Fellowships/Grants for Art History Grads?

you would be insane to pay for a masters degree in art history because there is absolutely no guarantee that you will find a job in the field when you get out, especially if all you have is a maste... Read More »

What's the difference between grants and fellowships?

According to this website:…"What is the difference between a fellowship, grant, and scholarship?The easiest to remember is that a grant is generally money ... Read More »

Grants for Children's Writers?

Children's authors help create young readers. Books help to develop a child's vocabulary, language skills, imagination, and love of reading. According to the Kids Window website, the habits childre... Read More »

Grants for Publishers & Writers in the Philippines?

IN the interest of preserving and adding to the nation's pluralistic cultural heritage, the government of the Philippines has established several programs that fund new literary productions by writ... Read More »