Where can i find experienced and yogurt and cheese maker?

Answer At a local farm where someone makes it: Mom and pop cheese producers and some of them might make yogurt as well.Some small producers sell their products at local Farmer's Markets and you can conne... Read More »

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Can you make greek yogurt in a yogurt maker?

Yes, you can make Greek yogurt in a yogurt maker. Simply substitute a dried Greek yogurt starter for your usual starter. If you don't have a dried Greek yogurt starter, use a cup of Greek yogurt in... Read More »

DIY Yogurt Maker?

Homemade yogurt is an inexpensive, delicious and healthy treat. You can be creative and add all sorts of different flavors and toppings to it while gaining the digestive benefits that yogurt is kno... Read More »

Where can I buy a yogurt maker?

Amazon has many for sale, here's a link for yogurt makers.…

Who invented the yogurt maker?

George Castinis registered the first United States Patent for a yogurt maker on December 11, 1978. Castinis was living in New York on 6th Avenue at the time. His machine made yogurt with just hot w... Read More »