Where can i find an 8 and 9 symbol overlapping?

Answer something like this? §Try clicking the start button, then searching "map" and click "Character map" There is a ton of Unicode characters that you can look through. x

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What does"cannot find symbol"mean in GUI?

The term "Cannot Find Symbol" is an error message that sometimes occurs when working with coding that it is related to GUI windows and applications. GUI, short for graphical user interface, is a se... Read More »

How do i find a company's stock symbol?

Using MSN Money CentralVisit MSN Money Central. Under box three, type in the name of the company whose stock symbol you seek. Click "Go." View the company's stock symbol.Using Yahoo FinanceVisit th... Read More »

Where can I find the cents symbol on my keyboard?

There's not one, but you can "insert a symbol" if you're using a Microsoft program.

How to Find the Degree Symbol on an Apple Keyboard?

Creating a geographic, scientific or financial paper may involve typing special characters or symbols that may be difficult to find because they are typically not printed on the keys. This is true ... Read More »