Where can i find a good buger to eat ?

Answer When your nose is as long as mine,It has plenty of bugers, all of the time.Some taste good, and some taste bad,But none as tasty as the last one I had.So try your nose, and if it has none,maybe yo... Read More »

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Do you think in Carteret NJ, the new Burger Express is good as the old Buger Express?

What is buger?

Unless you're trying to ask of the word "Booger" we already know what that is...but, the word you spelled is actually correctly spelled for Búger which is a small municipality in the district of R... Read More »

Wendys or buger king?

wendys. i like their variety better. the chilli and the dollar menu too.

Best fast food Fries ( Buger king, mcdonalds, Wendys)?