Where can i find a USB port?

Answer if your computer tower doesnt already have one installed, most all of them have a place on the back to install extra usb ports,, you can purchase it at Staples or Office Depot, installation is simp... Read More »

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How do I find my ip port?

Find IP Windows Vista and 7Select the "Start" icon on your Windows Vista or 7 computer, and type in "Command Prompt." Click on the "Command Prompt" icon, which will open a little black box. Type in... Read More »

How to Find My 1394 Port?

IEEE 1394, also called a FireWire, is a computer bus interface similar to USB that allows for high speed data transfer. Unlike USB, IEEE 1394 is not standard on almost all laptops and desktops. If ... Read More »

How do I find which is the 2.0 USB port on my computer?

Check DocumentationRefer to your computer's manual for a diagram containing the location of its USB ports and headers. If you built this computer, refer to the motherboard manual. If you do not hav... Read More »

How to Find a Computer's Port Number?

Computers are made up of different ports, which help them to communicate with each other. Your computer's IP address is the number that identifies your computer. According to What is My IP Address,... Read More »