Where can i find Primrose Oil Capsules?

Answer I wouldn't bother. Over time it has gradually had all it's indications disproved. The last credible suggestion was that it helps sore breasts (cyclic mastalgia); studies were initially very flawed ... Read More »

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Is it Best to Take Evening Primrose Capsules All at Once or Divided?

Looped music is an audio track that is repeated from the beginning of your PowerPoint presentation to the end, or until you manually stop or interrupt it. Looped audio can be useful if you display ... Read More »

Is it best to take evening primrose oil capsules all at once or spread out?

On One Hand: Spread Out Daily IntakeAccording to the Mayo Clinic, it is best to take evening primrose oil--touted for heart and skin health among other possible benefits--piecemeal throughout the d... Read More »

Montessori vs. Primrose... Has anyone sent your toddler to primrose school...?

My daughter attend Primrose in Peachtree City, GA, which is a somewhat affluent suburb of Atlanta. She's probably the poorest kid there. She's learned a great deal, but I think I could have done ... Read More »

Jujube Fruit (675 mg. capsules) OR Jujube Extract (250 mg. capsules) better for relief of stress and insomnia?