Where can i exchange international money?

Answer Many banks, airports, railroad stations, bus depots and hotels in large and/or tourist cities will exchange international currency. Hours and days will vary, as will fees charged. You might want to... Read More »

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What is international foreign exchange?

Foreign exchange is critical to transact global business. Merchants, consumers and government officials use foreign exchange to trade international goods and services. You should recognize the risk... Read More »

International Student Exchange Trips?

International student-exchange trips allow students to study abroad and learn about diversity by immersing themselves in other cultures. Opportunities for high school student-exchange programs typi... Read More »

Is having a low dollar value beneficial when it comes to international exchange markets?

A low dollar makes domestic goods and services attractive, especially to foreigners. It also means that foreign products are more expensive to import and benefits those countries that rely on expor... Read More »

Can an international student who is reserve officer in his country join courses of the ROTC during the exchange semester?

Unless you enlist you will not go to AIT for ROTC. The enlisted side and officer sides of the military have different training schools. After ROTC you will go to BOLC (Basic Officer Leaders Course)... Read More »