Where can i download a new copy of windows xp?

Answer You mean illegally?

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How to Download a Copy of Windows XP?

Most people who owned a personal computer in the early part of the 21st century are familiar with the Windows XP operating system. Originally released by Microsoft in August 2001, XP was installed ... Read More »

How to Copy Desktop Themes From Windows 98 to Windows 2000?

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, desktop themes consist of a number of elements that can personalize the appearance of the desktop. These elements can include background, cursor, sounds, bor... Read More »

Can you download a movie even though it's not digital copy?

If you download directly to a usb and then delete it from there, does that file have a copy on the hard drive?

It won't be saved on your hard disk.If you delete the file from your usb and you figured that you still need it, you can use an undelete software to recover it. However, sometimes the recovery soft... Read More »