Where can i download a good antispy for free and not a subscription for just a free scan and have to upgrade t?

Answer If this is a Microsoft OS (XP or W7), I would use the security essential and it's free.

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Is there a free registry scan that i can download and thats good?

How do download a free subscription for a virus cleaner and a scaner?

Yes.……EDIT: The 4th response is rude and uncalled for. This is a legit question and the member has every right to... Read More »

Whats a good free download to scan viruses and has useable tools to uninstall programs and registry?

What ever you download DONT forget to TEST the installation! This will save you hours of trouble! I have a free guide:

Whats a free scan AND fix I can download?

You computer may have a number of issues that may be slowing it down. I would scan with a good antivirus, then an antimalware program, then use optimization software to try and speed it up. Even if... Read More »