Where can i download HP Play?

Answer At this time according to the HP Website HP Play is temporarily unavailable

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What kind of download allows you to download and play music with restrictions enforced about its use?

Look up free music downloads then go down till you find the picture of the earth with the full headset head phones on it. It's call free downloads. It's epic

How to Download and Play Torrents?

How to download and play torrent and some examples of software you might need to do this.

How do i download play google app?

You mean Google Play.If you have an Android, it comes pre-installed. It's called Play Store. You can't uninstall it so you must still have it.

Can I download 3D Movies and play it in my LED 3D TV using the 3D Glasses?

Great Question.First, I should say there is no shortage of 3D content on the web, and you definitely can download it and play it on your TV.As to weather you can just plug it in your usb connection... Read More »