Where can i buy the lung flute?

Answer It is currently not for sale in the US for home use...I dont know if you can find a distributor to ship from Canada or the UK...I have not yet found a site that has it for sale, I am looking myself... Read More »

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My boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?

: Try Dr. Richard Schulze's incurable program...he had an underground clinic 20 yof 20 years of reading and study and research and that which probably ears and healed many of the worse kinds of inc... Read More »

What is it called when a baby has air and fluid around the lung instead of in the lung?

What is the flute?

Originating in the 14th century, the term "flute" is derived from the Latin word "flare," meaning "to blow."OriginsAncient flutes were played through a mouth piece, much like a recorder. Theobald B... Read More »

When was the first flute made?

The western classical flute was patented by Theobald Boehm first in 1832, and again in 1847. It is from his design that we derive the modern dimensions, metal bore and key system.Source:Flute Histo... Read More »