Where can i buy safe diazepam?

Answer The only (illegal) way of obtaining safe valium is to find a close friend with a prescription. If you want to take it, be aware of it's dangers. Here's a great website regarding any psychoactive ... Read More »

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How long after diazepam is it safe to drink alcohol?

The body metabolizes alcohol at the rate of .015 of BAC per hour. Therefore, a very high BAC of .15 (almost twice the legal limit fir driving) would be eliminated within ten hours. It is unclear ho... Read More »

Diazepam Where can I buy?

You need a prescription from your doctor. Take the prescription to a local Pharmacist.


Yes you can take it if you are under 18 but i would only advise doing this if you have benn presribed it by a professional.

Are sleeping pills and DIAZEPAM HALAL?

Yes... Aslong as they are tablet form and not capsules as capsules contain gelatine.However diazepam always comes in tablets and so do most sleeping pillsTry not to use tablets as you will get your... Read More »