Where can i buy safe diazepam?

Answer The only (illegal) way of obtaining safe valium is to find a close friend with a prescription. If you want to take it, be aware of it's dangers. Here's a great website regarding any psychoactive ... Read More »

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How long after diazepam is it safe to drink alcohol?

The body metabolizes alcohol at the rate of .015 of BAC per hour. Therefore, a very high BAC of .15 (almost twice the legal limit fir driving) would be eliminated within ten hours. It is unclear ho... Read More »

Diazepam Where can I buy?

You need a prescription from your doctor. Take the prescription to a local Pharmacist.


Yes you can take it if you are under 18 but i would only advise doing this if you have benn presribed it by a professional.

How will Diazepam make me feel?

Diazepam is a benzodiazepine which means that it is potentially addictive,and can cause memory loss and confusion.It is much better to to get relaxation therapy or desensitization or both.Also once... Read More »